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About Heritage International

Heritage International, based at Faridabad (National Capital Region) one of the oldest and favorite Industrial city in India. The city is well connected with the International airport, Railways, Highways for smooth transportation.
Heritage International is the registered company which was incorporated during the year 2018. The promoters have the experience of two decades in import and export business. Heritage is having healthy business relationship with the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various products globally. This relationship enables us to source quality products at competitive price to our customers. We have business partners and associates, in more than 20 countries across the globe viz; Canada, China, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa, Russia, Sweden, Sri Lanka etc.
The Motto of the company “Service before self” is considered to be the best ethic in the industry for building up sustained relationship with the customers and principles

Our Vision

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Our Mision

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Global foot Prints in Over 10+ Countries.

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Delivery according to the Commitment.

Our ultimate Business Goal is to find the reputed, reliable source and supply the best quality of material at the optimum value for our customers. To achieve this we have established strong relations with the Mills, Factories and Traders around the Globe to serve in various industries. With our Business ethics and extensive knowledge of the target markets and product lines we are aligned to fulfill our customer’s requirements effectively regardless of the ever changing business scenario.

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